Why investing in IT skills development is more important than ever.

How IT upskilling and certification can help organizations close skills gaps, nurture a more efficient workforce, boost ROI, and more.

To address the global shortage of tech employees, many companies are turning to their learning and development programs — upskilling employees and validating those skills with IT certifications. And they’re seeing impressive results.

Taking this approach allows organizations to:

  • Foster a learning-focused environment. A growing number of companies are not just investing in upskilling initiatives and IT certification, they’re making it a priority. In fact, 63% of organizations surveyed cover all IT staff training and credentialing costs. Additionally, 56% of IT decision makers said they’ll train their existing staff, likely because upskilling current employees reduces the need to seek new talent outside the business.1
  • Reap the rewards of a certified IT workforce. From quality of work to a more collaborative working environment, the benefits of having a staff rich in IT certifications cannot be understated.
    • 67% of IT managers feel certification positively impacts problem-solving abilities
    • 66% believe employees with IT certifications produce higher quality work
    • 65% say IT certifications enhance an employee’s ability to guide and mentor others
    • 63% feel IT certification significantly increases employee efficiency1
  • Boost organizational return on investment (ROI). An efficient, highly productive workforce can generate cost savings, improving the organization’s bottom line and increasing its potential ROI. A 2020 study reported that 94% of decision makers worldwide said certified team members provide added value above and beyond the cost of certification. To put a number on it, more than half of those surveyed estimate the annual economic benefit of a certified employee is greater than $10,000.2

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1. Pearson VUE 2021 Value of IT Certification Employer Report
2. Global Knowledge, 2020 IT Skills and Salary Report