Five simple steps to prepare your team for technical certifications

A structured, strategic approach can have far-reaching benefits.

Preparing a team to earn technical certifications requires a combination of training, support, and motivation. Blending these elements into a strategic approach can be achieved with five simple steps:

  1. Identify the certification: The first step is to identify the technical certification(s) your team members need to obtain. This may involve reviewing job requirements or identifying industry-standard certifications that are relevant to your organization.
  2. Conduct a skills assessment: Before starting the certification preparation process, it's important to conduct a skills assessment and identify any knowledge gaps that need to be addressed. This can be done through self-assessments, skills tests, or performance evaluations.
  3. Create a training plan: Based on the skills assessment, create a training plan for classroom or virtual training. This plan should be tailored to the specific certification and learning needs of your team members. Not sure where to start? Check out Pearson CertPREP courseware and eLearning, which includes live labs and practice tests to help candidates fully prepare for their exam.
  4. Provide support: Encourage your team members with support and guidance throughout the certification preparation process. Urge them to ask questions, then provide additional resources as needed.
  5. Offer incentives: To motivate your team members to obtain the certification, consider offering incentives such as bonuses, promotions, or additional training opportunities.

By following a structured approach and providing your team members with the resources they need, you can help them successfully obtain IT certification and improve their skills and knowledge.

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