IT employee training that earns college credits

IT Specialist certifications are now accredited by ACE

From closing skills gaps and boosting performance, the benefits of earning IT certifications are numerous — for both individuals and their employers. And now there’s a new, measurable way to bring the value of IT certifications to your organization.

ACE® Learning Evaluations (formerly CREDIT®) are college-level equivalencies granted to courses and exams taken in the workforce or other non-college settings.

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The IT Specialist training and certification program from Pearson, which provides learners with foundational IT skills and knowledge, has been qualified by ACE® to earn three college credits for each certificate earned.

IT Specialist certifications also line up well with the skills outlined in a recent article from LinkedIn, which identified “the most sought-after skills by employers and hirers” after filtering out the softer skills most LinkedIn members have in common.

The financial value of ACE credits

ACE credits earned through certification can save both employers and workers substantial sums of money compared to credits earned at colleges and universities.

According to Education Data Initiative, college courses at the “average public, four-year [U.S.] university for in-state residents” cost $390/credit hour. Thus, a typical college class (three credit hours) costs around $1,170. Even local community colleges in the U.S. charge an average of $141/credit hour, or $423 for a three-credit course.

IT Specialist training is only $150 per course and certification exams are $127, for which learners can earn three full college credits. These credits can cut the cost of degrees significantly for employees, while saving employers money on tuition reimbursement programs.

A skills boost for them, measurable value for you

Earning an IT Specialist certification is not only a great way to raise the critical tech skill levels of your organization, but it can also help your employees keep their skills current and marketable in a rapidly evolving world.

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